Yes that is me and yes that is a 1968 Caddy Hearse. My Show car.

2/12/14 Hello and welcome to Alaska Framed. I am Jimmie Weeks your humble photographer. I started playing with a camera around 2004. Shooting Alaska the best that I could. I took those pictures with me back home to show the family. A real good family friend had a look and he just happens to be a photographer. After viewing what I had done with just a point and shoot camera he gave me a few lessons on what I needed to work on. I came back to Alaska and applied what I had learned. What a difference those few lessons made. I started reading every book on photography I could find. Go out and shoot to see if I could recreate what I had seen and read in those books.  Now flash foreword to today. I shoot only Canon equipment and I don't go anywhere without it. I live in Alaska but travel  one to two times a year out of state.  My photography is still a hobby to me. I enjoy landscape  photography but have been known to do a few weddings and indoor sports events. I am the Vice President of the 49th State Street Rodders Car Club so I shoot all the car shows I can make in our very short but beautiful summer. I try to go to Maui Hawaii at least once a year just to get away from winter for a short time. So you will see a lot of Hawaii on this website. You can contact me by email at the bottom of the web pages if you like.  Go have a look around the site and enjoy. Be sure to vote for your favorite images all through out the web site and you can share  the pictures you like on your facebook pages. 

Keep coming back and looking as I will be updating the pictures as I get them. Thanks for looking, have fun.

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Jimmie Weeks